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                  Lakeview, Williams Lake, BC


                  True. Trusted. Tolko.

                  Lakeview Division, Williams Lake, BC

                  The Lakeview Lumber Division was acquired in 2004 as part of the purchase of Riverside Forest Products. Prior to that, the location operated as Lignum. In November 2017, fire devastated the mill and destroyed the sawmill portion of the operation. Since that devastating evening, the mill has been redesigned and rebuilt, and is now a modern, competitive facility that is well-prepared for the future. Currently, the mill employs 190 people and operates near our Soda Creek mill, which is also in Williams Lake.

                  Lakeview division photo
                  Lakeview division photo
                  Lakeview division photo


                  2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10

                  SPF: J-Grade, A-Grade, MSR, Premium, Prime, #2&Btr., #3, Economy
                  FIR: Select Structural, MSR, #2&Btr., #3, Economy, Matting

                  Producing 230 million board feet

                  Williams Lake, BC

                  Situated on the north shore of Williams Lake, the city has a distinct rural charm and is a jumping off point for many year-round outdoor activities. From whitewater rafting and mountain biking to cross country skiing and snowshoeing, this city of 25,000 people has all the services of an urban centre with the cozy feeling of a small town.

                  City of Williams Lake
                  Williams Lake Chamber of Commerce
                  Tourism Williams Lake
                  School District 27