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                  T-TEC LSL Stair Stringer

                  true consistency and uniformity

                  True. Trusted. Tolko.
                  T-TEC LSL Stair Stringer logo

                  The stair stringer is the structural component that supports the treads and risers in your staircase.

                  It is responsible for the structural strength and stability of the staircase and is an integral part of the system. T-TEC LSL stair stringers are made with laminated strand lumber (LSL) and therefore provide true consistency and uniformity.


                  Features and Benefits

                  Longer Lengths: Accommodate extended staircases without limitations
                  Quality: Superior resistance to warping and twisting
                  Bundle Seal: Protection from the elements on a job-site with a blue coloured bundle seal
                  Consistency: The continuous press at our T-TEC LSL facility manufactures LSL that is consistent along the entire length of the board
                  Uniformity: Fewer voids and a better surface quality than sawn lumber
                  Zinc Borate protection: Optional added protection from fungal decay and insects
                  Air quality: No added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) to meet green building standards
                  Improved packaging: Packaged in new tear-resistant, woven-poly bags for improved protection during shipping


                  Available Sizes

                  Thickness: 1-1/4”
                  Depths: 9-1/2”, 11-7/8”, 14”
                  Lengths: 16’, 20’, 24’
                  E-Rating: 1.35E



                  Backed by a transferable, 50-year limited warranty.

                  50 Year Limited Warranty emblem

                  Contact our EWP sales team to talk about T-TEC LSL Stair Stringers.