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                  Peeler Cores

                  doing our part to create a more sustainable practice

                  True. Trusted. Tolko.

                  Strength, beauty, and sustainability from the core

                  Made from trees grown and harvested in inland British Columbia, our peeler cores are well-suited to a range of applications, including tree stakes, grape stakes, and agricultural posts.

                  By utilizing peeler cores, we are able to harness every part of tree harvesting, doing our part to create a more sustainable practice. We proudly manufacture peeler cores at our White Valley and Heffley Creek mills.


                  Tolko’s trusted quality

                  Guided by the same values for over 60 years, we are dedicated to sustainable manufacturing processes and first-rate customer service. Our mission is beyond just selling peeler cores. We desire to build relationships in order to better understand our customer’s business and then provide them with the solutions, service, and market knowledge they need to succeed.

                  From our sustainable peeler cores, to our knowledgeable Tolko team, we are committed to the success of your business.


                  Available Sizes

                  DiameterRoundsSpeciesPackaging Round CoresPackaging
                  3.25"102" - 103"Dougals fir and SPF149 and 500 piece packages255 piece packages

                  Contact our lumber sales team today to ask about peeler cores.