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                  Plywood Sales Contacts

                  True. Trusted. Tolko.

                  Contact our plywood & veneer sales team

                  Below you'll find a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts, ready to help you choose the best Tolko Plywood & Veneer product for your application, ensure trouble-free delivery, and even discuss proper use and installation. Each member of your sales team is eager to make certain you're completely satisfied with Tolko service, and your Tolko Plywood & Veneer product.

                  For international customers, please contact our International Sales and Marketing Team.

                  Chris Armanini photo

                  Chris Armanini

                  Manager Plywood, LSL & EWP Sales & Marketing

                  phone: 1-250-550-1401


                  Dan Price photo

                  Dan Price

                  Manager SBB Product Development

                  phone: 1-250-549-5380


                  Ian Gotobed photo

                  Ian Gotobed

                  Panel Sales Representative

                  phone: 1-250-550-2596


                  Keenan Humphries photo

                  Keenan Humphries

                  Plywood Sales Representative

                  phone: 1-250-550-2532


                  Dennis Yano photo

                  Dennis Yano

                  Export Manager - Panel and Engineered Wood Sales

                  phone: 1-250-549-5302

                  fax: 1-250-260-1715


                  Brian Eso photo

                  Brian Eso

                  Fibre Flow Manager, Veneer Based Business (VBB)

                  phone: 1-250-546-2235

                  fax: 1-250-546-2331