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                  Veneer Sales Contacts

                  True. Trusted. Tolko.

                  Contact our plywood and veneer sales team

                  Below you'll find a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts, ready to help you choose the best Tolko plywood and veneer product for your application, ensure trouble-free delivery, and even discuss proper use and installation. Each member of your sales team is eager to make certain you're completely satisfied with Tolko service and your Tolko plywood and veneer product.

                  For international customers, please contact our International Sales and Marketing Team.

                  Chris Armanini photo

                  Chris Armanini

                  Manager Plywood, LSL & EWP Sales & Marketing

                  phone: 1-250-550-1401


                  Dan Price photo

                  Dan Price

                  Manager SBB Product Development

                  phone: 1-250-549-5380


                  Judy Johnston photo

                  Judy Johnston

                  Plywood Sales Representative

                  phone: 1-250-550-2520

                  fax: 1-250-550-2558


                  Ian Gotobed photo

                  Ian Gotobed

                  Panel Sales Representative

                  phone: 1-250-550-2596


                  Keenan Humphries photo

                  Keenan Humphries

                  Plywood Sales Representative

                  phone: 1-250-550-2532


                  Dennis Yano photo

                  Dennis Yano

                  Export Manager - Panel and Engineered Wood Sales

                  phone: 1-250-549-5302

                  fax: 1-250-260-1715


                  Brian Eso photo

                  Brian Eso

                  Fibre Flow Manager, Veneer Based Business (VBB)

                  phone: 1-250-546-2235

                  fax: 1-250-546-2331